Portraits in the Cutlers' Hall

The Cutlers' Company has over a hundred paintings in its collections.  Most of them are portraits of Masters Cutler or men prominent in Sheffield's history.  There are also several landscapes of views of Sheffield.

Many of the portraits have been given to the Company by the sitters' families; very few being commissioned by the Company.  However, a number of portraits, especially those in the Main Banqueting Hall, were commissioned and paid for by public subscription, as a mark of appreciation, and then presented to the Company.

This section of the website gives summary details of what we know of the portraits and lists them according to location.  Links will take you to the individual pages for each of the portraits.


. Main stair .


Ground Floor

 The Main Stair

First Floor   The Main Halls

Portraits on the Ground Floor are on the walls of the entrance lobby, the ground floor corridor, the Hadfield Hall, the back stair and the Mistress' Room (which is only open during organised tours)

Portraits on the Main Stair are on each side of the second flight.

Portraits on the First Floor are in the Drawing Room and the several Vestibules.

Portraits in the Main Halls are in the first floor Old Banqueting Hall and the Main Banqueting Hall.