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Please be aware that during the Covid-19 crisis, the Company Office will be on minimum manning.

Cutlers’ Company election meeting and Installation, September, 2020

Because of the Covid-19 crisis, the 2019-2020 Company has decided to re-elect itself.  The Election and Installation took place in the Drawing Room at the Cutlers’ Hall, with a small number of Members being physically present – others attended via Zoom.  This re-election was not a unique occurrence for the Company, as it had happened during the two World Wars.


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The Company in difficult times

Calendar Interview Following the disruption to his year in office, the present Master is serving a second year and he is attending more meeting – both virtual and in the Hall.  The Company was saddened by the death of HRH The Duke of Edinburgh, who was an honorary Member of the Company.  He had made several visits to the Hall, the first being in 1954, with her Majesty the Queen.  The Master was interviewed on ITV Calendar to comment on the Duke’s involvement with the Company.  The Master stands in front of  an unfinished portrait of Prince Philip.   The  national situatiois improving and the Company’s work will begin to return to normal.  During the

Entrance Hall floor

shut- down of the Hall, the Company took the opportunity to undertake major redecorations.  The Entrance mosaic  floor shows one half after cleaning.  The Drawing Room and Reception Room have both had new window dressings.






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