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Freemen and Friends

Welcome to the area for Freemen and Friends, carrying information and news for and from the Freemen and Friends of the Company.  This will be updated as and when news or events occur.



Lists of both Freemen and Friends of the Company are in the Annual Review





What's With The Elephants?

An elephant's head is a decorative motif found around the Cutlers' Hall, engraved on silver, found on documents.  It is taken from the Company's coat of arms, where the elephant's head epitomises ivory - a quality handle material used for the best knives.

There once was an elephant in Sheffield's industrial past.  During the First World War, when horses were in short supply, T.W.Ward, steel and heavy engineering manufacturer, had an ex-circus elephant, called Lizzie.  She was used to pull the railed wagons carrying steel ingots.