Sir John Osborn Charitable Trust (No. 1019892)


.Background.  The Trust was established in March 1993 by Sir John Osborn.  It consistes of two equal funds known as the Sir John Osborn Fund and the Sheffield Fund.  

Objects.  The Trust Fund shall be used for the promotion of such charitable purposes which shall benefit wholly or mainly the people of Sheffield (including carrying out the charitable objectives of the Cutlers hall Preservation Trust Limited).

Trustees.  The Trustees are drawn from members of the Cutlers Company.

How to Apply

Distributions normally take place in the summer with decisions being taken in May or early June. Successful bids must be for the Sheffield Area (S Postcode) and should match the objects as follows:

Recognised Charitable Objectives and the relief of sickness and protection of health.


Bids for between £500 and £10,000 will be accepted. Bids, including a detailed requirement and an amount requested should be with the Secretary to the CCCT by the beginning of May. 

The address is as follows: 

Colonel G A Kilburn MBE
Secretary to the Cutlers’ Company Charitable Trust
Cutlers’ Hall
Church Street
Sheffield S1 1HG


The Company benefited from a significant donation from the Master Cutler’s Challenge 2016 - £30,875.  This allowed total donations from the Combined Company of Cutlers Charitable Trust (CCCT and SJO) of £72,800. 

Distributions took place at two ceremonies in the Cutlers’ Hall in late June which allowed many of the 40 recipients to collect cheques but also to meet other small charities in the area.

Grimm & Co £2,100
Happy Days £1,000
The Sick Childrens Trust £2,000
Ruskin Mill Freeman College £2,000
Cutlers’ Hall Preservation Trust £5,000
Roundabout £10,000
Stopgap £2,000
Sheffield Dial a Ride £500
Boys and Girls  Clubs of South Yorkshire £2,000
Sincere Support* £1,000
Peak District National Park (Stanage Pole)* £1,000
Total £28,600















Workwise Foundation £5,000
The Herbert Hughes Foundation*              
Total £6,000




* Donations requested by the Master Cutler. 

0114 272 8456 or