The Master Cutlers Challenge


In continuing with tradition, the Master Cutler, 2017-2018, Mr Kenneth Cooke, issued a challenge to raise funds for his chosen charity - The Bluebell Wood Children's Charity.

In 2007, then Master Cutler Gordon Bridge invited the businesses of the city region to transform a £50 investment into as much fundraising as they could for local charities.  Over the last 11years, the Cutler's Challenge has become an annual tradition.  In total, more than 550 teams have taken part, giving about £1.5 million to local causes.

This year over 60 Companies, Freemen, Organisations , businesses and Friends of the Company were involved in the challenge.  They invested the £50 given to them by the Master Cutler in charitable fundraising events or activities in order to have fun with friends and fundraise for the charities.

The award winners for 2018 are:

1)      Most Money raised -- Business       AESSEAL

2)       Most Money Raised - Community Group       Sheffield High School for Girls

3)      Master Cutler’s Most Enthusiastic Award       XPO Logistics

4)      Master Cutler’s Most Inspirational Award      Gordon Bridge

5)      Master Cutler’s Most Creative Award    Insight

6)      The Gordon Bridge Award    Chris Heaton 

The money raised from the 2018 challenge means Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice can continue to help families make treasured memories together. Because of the participants efforts, Bluebell Wood could offer over a hundred night’s end of life care to families who are facing unimaginably tough times. Nights which are a chance for them to say their goodbyes in their own time, in their own way. This means every family who needs that space and time can have it.

Some of the money raised will go to the Cutlers’ Company Charitable Trust for distribution to support smaller local charities. 

All the organisers of this year’s challenge wish to thank all participants and those that have donated for their enthusiasm, and hope they can keep supporting the Cutler’s Company in its charity fundraising.