Charities - Overview

The Cutlers’ Company Charitable Trust  (Charity No: 224063)

The Company of Cutlers in Hallamshire has been involved in charitable activities over many years. This continues and although this will deal only with the Combined Company of Cutlers Charitable Trust it is worthy of note that the Company has charitable involvement as The Combined Company of Cutlers Charitable Trust. This comprises two funds:

The Company of Cutlers Charitable Trust formed in 2008 from Jane Fisher Gift, the Stuart Goodwin Charity and the Company of Cutlers in Hallamshire Welfare Trust.

The Sir John Osborn Charitable Fund.  The Trust was founded by Sir John whilst he was an MP and a Member of the Company of Cutlers. It is now managed entirely by the CCCT though Sir John is kept abreast of its activities.

The Preservation Trust

This is an entirely separate fund whose principal object is the preservation of the Hall. It does however have a remit for Education and activities such as the Joint Awards Scheme with the Armourers and Brasiers and the Cutlers Curriculum initiative are

The Cutlers Grassroots Fund

This is a fund held by the South Yorkshire Community Foundation created as a result of a £100,000 donation by the CCCT matched by government funding and increased by a donation by Michael and Barbara Mallett. This is a fund to support small, local voluntary and community groups and organisations that are active in the economic improvement of South Yorkshire through strengthening and regenerating the manufacturing industries of the area. This might include projects that encourage people and help equip them with skills and knowledge. Distributions are by the SYCF but the CCCT Trustees are asked to confirm that bids are within the objects of the scheme. Distributions are approximately £7,000-£9,000 a year

The Master Cutler’s Challenge 

This was started in 2008 and has continued a similar format since. It uses the Master’s and Company’s names and credibility to raise funds for one of the major charities in Sheffield. It normally raises between £100,000 and £200,000 each year. It has now been agreed that a proportion of the money raise will be paid to the Sir John Osborn Trust for payment to small charities in the City Region. The objects of both funds limit them to activity in what is now the Sheffield City Region.


Beyond that detailed object are:

CCCT – Relief of need, hardship or distress.

Sir John Osborn - Recognised Charitable Objectives and the relief of sickness and  protection of health.


Combined Cutlers Company Charitable Trust.

The capital in the permanent endowment cannot be touched for distributions and this means that just under a quarter of a million pounds is available in an emergency the bulk of which would come from the Sir John Osborn Trust (SJO).
These funds normally allow for distributions from income in excess of £30,000 with additional funds now routinely provided by the Master Cutler’s Challenge.

Suitable Charities.

The CCCT has donated to more than 20 charities this year but it is seeking to widen its scope. Trustees and Members of the Company are asked to keep their eyes open for organizations whose activities might fall within the objects of any of the charities listed above and inform the Clerk if they would like one to be considered for a donation.

Latest News

The Master Cutler's Challenge

.The Master Cutler’s Challenge returns and this year the Master and Mistress Cutler – Nick and Liz Cragg – have decided to support two vital local causes - St Luke’s and Rotherham Hospice.

The Master Cutler’s Challenge has become an annual tradition for the local business community as well as for many community organisations. Hundreds of teams have taken part and the Challenge has raised over £1.5 million to support valued local causes.

The Challenge this year runs from the February Launch to the Celebration Event in September. Participant businesses will receive £50 and your challenge as a team is to use your entrepreneurial skills to make as much money as possible for both hospices! The Challenge team will be on hand to offer you lots of support with your fundraising and to utilise the great PR, CSR and teambuilding opportunities the Challenge offers. Over 80 businesses and organisations (with a strong focus on local manufacturing and professional services) are partaking in this great Challenge which really does showcase the best of the local business community.

We would love to welcome you to the Challenge in 2019.You can find out all about it and register here –

The Master Cutler's Challenge, 2019