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"To support manufacturing and producing industry nationally and in the sub-region through the public platform occupied by the Master."


The Company of Cutlers in Hallamshire is made up of around 350 Freemen who qualify for Freedom as being a director or senior executive of a relevant organisation; engaged in the production of, or research in support of, manufactured items; within our defined geographical area.

The Company of Cutlers is governed by an elected Master, two Wardens, six Searchers and twenty four Assistants and is a permanent body (referred to as ‘The Company’) which is ‘formed’ at the new Master Cutler’s Installation on the first Tuesday of October, the new Master and Wardens having been previously elected on the first Monday of September.

The Master, Wardens, Searchers and Assistants act as chairman and a board of directors, meeting as a whole, or at various committee levels, to decide and oversee Company affairs. Assisting them is a small permanent staff headed by the Clerk, who is responsible for the day-to-day management of Company business.




As the face of industry in the Hallamshire region has changed so, of course, has the Company but it still strives, as it has done since 1624, to promote and support local manufacturing industry with the Master Cutler acting as its ‘Ambassador’.

The Company is one of the organisations leading the development of an active and progressive Manufacturing Forum, which is chaired by the Master Cutler, with an initial focus on innovation, education and skills.

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Latest News

The Master Cutler's Challenge

.The Master Cutler’s Challenge returns and this year the Master and Mistress Cutler – Nick and Liz Cragg – have decided to support two vital local causes - St Luke’s and Rotherham Hospice.

The Master Cutler’s Challenge has become an annual tradition for the local business community as well as for many community organisations. Hundreds of teams have taken part and the Challenge has raised over £1.5 million to support valued local causes.

The Challenge this year runs from the February Launch to the Celebration Event in September. Participant businesses will receive £50 and your challenge as a team is to use your entrepreneurial skills to make as much money as possible for both hospices! The Challenge team will be on hand to offer you lots of support with your fundraising and to utilise the great PR, CSR and teambuilding opportunities the Challenge offers. Over 80 businesses and organisations (with a strong focus on local manufacturing and professional services) are partaking in this great Challenge which really does showcase the best of the local business community.

We would love to welcome you to the Challenge in 2019.You can find out all about it and register here –

The Master Cutler's Challenge, 2019