The Company of
Cutlers in Hallamshire Since 1624

The Company

The Company’s archives cover almost four hundred years of its activities

The Company’s archives are stored in the Cutlers’ Hall and record the internal administration of the Company. But as the Company was so closely linked to the development of Sheffield and its core industries, its archives can shed light on both local and family histories.

The archives are grouped according to subject and cover such topics as administration relating to apprentices, Freemen, marks and trademarks; committee minutes relating to preservation of the Halls and collections; accounts of economic enterprises and minutes of the Company meetings.

As well as the Company’s administrative documents, new items from outside are added to the collections from time to time; the most recent being personal documents of Timothy Reed, relating to his year of office as Master Cutler in 2005-2006.

The Cutlers' Company Archives

Freedom record, 1844, for Henry Payne, of Ward and Payne, tool manufacturers

People are welcome to consult the archives and should contact the Cutlers’ Hall to make an appointment.  The most commonly requested archives are those relating to family history and to dating cutlery, etc.

It should be noted, however,  that the biographical details of apprentices and Freemen only cover the period 1624-1814.

The Company has trademark records to 1995, but has no information about individual manufacturers or manufactured goods.


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